Insights and practices for enhancing mental health.


I am part of the Linked In creator community and have been prompted to write about mental health this month.


Mental health is a departure from my routine topics. However, my hypothesis on mental health is that the Covid pandemic magnified existing issues. Psychotherapy and specifically, CBT routinely surfaced in discussions with friends and colleagues prior to the pandemic. So much so that I consulted a therapist friend to understand why.


The short answer is that life can be overwhelming for everyone at times. Good economic policy empowers people to live full lives but even then, there are macro issues such as the Covid pandemic that are beyond individual control. Macro issues are disruptive for everyone but affect everyone differently. Offering the right solutions at the right time is a challenge for business and government leaders.


With that said, I’d like to share a summary of learnings from psychologists, professors and authors to help you maintain good mental health.


Ten practices for maintaining good mental health:


1/ Be Clear


Clarity is a form of kindness. Be clear with others about your intentions and actions. 


2/ Use Conflict 


Be open to different perspectives to resolve conflict. Listening with curiosity helps to transform relationships.


3/ Default to Trust


Trust is rare and precious. Default to trust to build trust especially when you can afford to be harmed.


4/ Learn to sequence


Craft a life plan that will allow you to experience everything over time. No one has super powers.


5/ Adjust your timelines


Adjust your plan for our increasing lifespan and health span.


6/ Maintain a healthy lifestyle


The connection between mind and body is undeniable. Eat, move and sleep well. 

7/ Develop a growth mindset

You can be a star performer at any age with deliberate practice

8/ Enjoy the journey


Balance the challenges with simple pleasures and celebrate the wins no matter how small.


9/ Know your limits


There is no shame in asking for or seeking help when the challenges seem insurmountable.


10/ Start with happiness


Happiness is your starting point not something you achieve later when you’re more successful.


If you don’t feel happy with your life, reach out to a therapist. A good therapist can help you take the right steps to elevate your life.